Human Capital

At TMG, we have decades of experience in private and public business and academic sectors. Our partnerships with leading federal and corporate organizations allows TMG to be strategic in shaping and meeting organizational human capital and employee engagement mission needs. TMG works in partnership with your agency or organization FEVS strategic and planning team(s).

Leadership Dev/FEVS Support
- First line supervisor coaching

Conflict Management Training
- Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation
- Conflict Conciliation

Strategic Planning
- Human Capital Organization Development Strategic Planning
- Organizational Performance Improvement
- Organizational and Team Accountability Matrix Model Development
- First Line Supervisor Coaching
- Staff / Team Performance Improvement Training
- Individual On-sight and Virtual Coaching Services

Small Business Development
- Not-for-Profit Policy Development
- Organizational Structuring and Strategic Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

SAP and TERP 10 are brand names for this type of system. These two brand names have huge parts of the market. ERP system provides the technology for many of the “back office” functions of companies.

Our members hold the following:
- USDA ADR Mediation Certification
- Crucial CONVERSATION Trainer Certification
- Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Facilitator Certification